In-House Sprinkler System

Nowadays, residential fire sprinklers are available in concealed housings that look sleek, and installing the devices in your house may even lower your homeowner's insurance payments. Tyco's Rapid Response Residential Concealed Sprinkler System deploys in reaction to extreme heat in an affected area, extinguishing the fire. For very large blazes, however, it may only be able to help contain the flames until the fire department arrives. The system's fire-rated pipes tap into your home's existing cold-water supply and come with adaptors to join it with either copper or PVC. Each Tyco Sprinkler head is $43 (cover plate to conceal the sprinkler head is an additional $16.75), and the CPVC fire-resistant piping is $1.40 per square foot. Tyco Fire and Building Products, Lansdale, PA; 800-323-9485.
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