soapstone kitchen island, open cabinets, salvaged white tile countertops in sustainable home's kitchen
Photo: Casey Dunn
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Clean and Simple

The kitchen reflects Linda's penchant for good value: The countertops are covered in 6-inch-square white tiles she purchased from the local Habitat ReStore, builder overruns for which she paid a mere nickel each. Her splurge was the Crown Point cabinetry in a white-painted Shaker style. Well aware of habit, she chose only base cabinets and drawers—no uppers. ("I always leave them open, and it looks horrible,” she says.) Everyday dishes are stacked on open wooden shelves. Both baths feature basic white tile. "That way, I can change the look of the bathrooms simply by painting the walls,” says Linda. Sentimentality guided her insistence on reusing the existing cast-iron kitchen sink and kitchen cabinets in the second-floor laundry. “They were perfectly good pieces, and I thought of all the time the former owner surely spent at the kitchen sink, and I just couldn’t get rid of it,” she says. The soapstone-topped center island houses a corner sink where the kids wash up before meals.
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