Translucent Chroma color-infused matte resin for vanity tops, designed for recycling
Photo: Andrew McCaul
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Plastic Made Perfect

Two new solid surfacing materials turn waste into something beautiful. Translucent Chroma (top, in Moss) is a color-infused matte resin for vanity tops. Designed for recycling, it can be reclaimed, recolored, and reused. If that shampoo bottle you just tossed is lucky, it might someday end up back in your bathroom as a 100 Percent countertop (bottom, in Cut Grass), made entirely of recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Chroma: from $15 per square foot. 100 Percent: available in four terrazzolike patterns, in 4-by-10-foot slabs, 1 inch thick, $1,365 each; 3Form
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