Kreisher Mansion, Staten Island
Photo: Courtesy of The Staten Island Advance
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Kreischer Mansion
Staten Island, NY

This Queen Anne was built by wealthy brick manufacturer Balthazar Kreischer in the 1800's as part of a family estate, along with another mansion for his son, Charles. Shortly after a filial blowout between father and son, Charles' mansion mysteriously burned down, with the younger Kreischer and his wife perishing in the flames. Locals are convinced that the spirits of the couple continue to dwell at this mansion.

More recently, Gino Galestro of the Bonanno crime family ordered an affiliate, Robert McKelvey, killed in 2006. Former marine Joseph Young took the job for an $8,000 paycheck. At the time, Young served as the caretaker for the desolate mansion and decided to make it the backdrop for this modern-day murder for hire. Young, along with four accomplices, strangled and stabbed McKelvey, evenutally drowning him in an ornamental pond on the property and cremating his body in the house's incinerator. The incinerator has since been replaced and the property may become part of an assisted-living complex for senior citizens.
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