Rehmeyer's Hollow (Hex House) in Shrewsbury, PA
Photo: John Pavoncello (York Dispatch)
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Rehmeyer's Hollow (Hex Murder House)
Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

Three members of the Pennsylvania Dutch community found themselves in a simultaneous rut of bad luck. They believed themselves to have been hexed by one Nelson Rehmeyer. Hex-clearing called for the burning of the alleged witch's spell book. What started as a visit to retrieve the book turned into one of the country's most sensational murders. On November 27, 1928, the three men strangled and beat Rehmeyer to death when he refused to comply with their demands. In an effort to cover their crime, they tried to burn the house down. But, the fire died quickly, leaving plenty of evidence pointing to the killers. It is said that the spirit of Nelson Rehmeyer haunts Rehmeyer's Hollow, also called The Hex House, which opened as an historical exhibit in 2007.
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