General Wayne Inn
Photo: Nancy Andrews
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General Wayne Inn
Merion Station, Pennsylvania

Built in 1704, this English-style coaching inn housed remarkable guests, including George Washington and General "Mad Anthony" Wayne, for whom the place was named. Edgar Allan Poe stayed for five years, revising his classic The Raven. Adding to its canon of lore are hundreds of reports of paranormal encounters, mostly with the spirits of Hessian soldiers. In 1848, the inn served as a polling site and a worker reported bumping into a green-coated soldier in the cellar. Hessian soldiers wore green jackets and, in a well-known Revolutionary War murder, patriots are said to have killed and buried one in the inn's cellar. Another popular spirit is that of a beheaded soldier whose head appeared on a shelf in the 1990s, vanishing only after sending the inn's maitre d' into a frenzy. The 1990s proved a particularly bad decade for the inn; co-owner James Webb was found dead in a third-floor office in 1996. Guy Sileo, friend and business partner to the victim, is currently serving a life sentence for the murder.
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