LaLaurie House
Photo: Alexey Sergeev
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LaLaurie House (The Haunted House)
New Orleans, Louisiana

Delphine LaLaurie was the well-known wife of a doctor, and a socialite who threw glamorous parties in this massive Creole-style home. But, she's gone down in history for her violent sadism, and the abuse and murders of hundreds of the estate's servants. In 1834, a cook set the kitchen ablaze with hopes that the visiting fire brigade would expose the LaLauries. It was then that the mangled and tortured bodies of servants—some apparently used in medical experiments—were discovered in a locked attic room. The LaLauries fled before they could be tried and punished for their crimes. More recently, human remains dating back to the 19th century have been found in the home's floorboards. The property is now believed to be haunted and is privately owned by actor Nicolas Cage, who bought it for more than $3 million.
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