Pirate's House Restaurant in Savannah
Photo: John Borwick
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The Pirate's House
Savannah, GA

In the 18th century, Savannah was a thriving port town crawling with the likes of Blackbeard and other bloodthirsty pirates. Around 1753, the need arose for a tavern and inn near the harbor. This two-story property became The Pirate's House, where there are said to have been countless brawls ending in thousands of kidnappings and deaths. Currently operating as The Pirates' House Restaurant, its walls are adorned with framed pages from an early edition of Treasure Island. Many of the novel's scenes are said to have taken place here, and protagonist Captain Flint is rumored to have died at the house. Old ghost stories and new accounts of paranormal encounters make the Savannah eatery a popular spot for spook seekers.
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