Red Taliesin House surrounded by greenery
Photo: Jeff Dean
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Spring Green, Wisconsin

Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright built this as his home after leaving his first wife for a woman named Martha Borthwick in 1911. On August 15, 1914, while Wright was away on business, estate worker Julian Carlton bolted the dining room doors and started a fire. Borthwick, her children from a previous marriage, and a few others were inside. The arsonist then waited outside with an ax for anyone trying to escape. After the tragedy, Wright rebuilt the wing only for it to be destroyed again by an electrical fire in 1925. Taliesin was repaired a final time to serve as Wright's studio where the famous Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, and Guggenheim Museum in New York were designed. According to Haunted Wisconsin, the lost and wandering spirit of Borthwick has been spotted at Tanyderi, a nearby cottage on the property where firefighters took victims of the fire after the tragedy.
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