hand tool - molding plane
Photo: James Worrell

Instead of a Router, Use a Molding Plane

It's not just nostalgia that makes traditional hand tools appealing. The only fuel they need is muscle power, and they produce less dust and no noise. Good hand tools don’t let you take shortcuts; they force you to work more safely and thoughtfully. And the attention they demand just might make you work more skillfully.

Razor-crisp decorative cuts like this corner cove could only be the work of a molding plane. This one's body accepts interchangeable soles and blades, including V-groove, beaded rib, and rabbet profiles. If there's another profile you want, stay tuned: New soles will be coming every six to eight weeks for the next three years.

Plane body, approx.$249; seven profiles, approx.$139 each; fence system, approx. $129;
Bridge City Tools
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