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Education is also a key concern at Eco Design Resources of Santa Cruz and Redwood City, California. "The availability of green building products is at an all-time high," says general manager Scott Farmer. "But no matter how many seminars and workshops we hold, it always seems like there are additional audiences who are unaware of their choices. So we're here to make sure that the public is aware of the many ecologically sensitive choices they have when it comes time to select materials."

Among products shown here are Flor modular carpet tiles made with recycled materials, AFM Safecoat low- and no-VOC paints, FSC-certified EcoTimber flooring products, TerraMai salvaged hardwood, and Eco Cork flooring. "Cork is great because it doesn't require felling a tree," says Eco Design Resources' Linda Tim. "It can be sustainably harvested every ten to eleven years by peeling the bark from the cork tree. Some great benefits of it are: it's acoustically and thermally insulating, fire resistant, softer on the joints, and you never have to worry about termites!"
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