Environmental Home Center

For fifteen years, the Environmental Home Center (soon to be renamed "ecohaus") has been helping Seattle residents find a sustainable way to build. Their showroom includes installations featuring products like Neil Kelly cabinets made from FSC-certified wood and recycled materials, American Pride solvent-free paint, and PaperStone composite surfacing made with recycled paper and non-petroleum based resins, all shown here.

Environmental Home Center's mission is realized not just through its products, but through the learning opportunities it offers. The company's website is a resource for information ranging from design advice (e.g., tips on creating a child's room) to methodology (e.g., how to oil a floor by hand) to finances (e.g., going green on a budget) to referrals (e.g., finding an eco-savvy builder)—plus a full calendar of workshops and events. "Design by design, product by product, project by project, our choices build our children's future," says founder Matt Freeman-Gleason. "Our goal is to provide the best choices possible for today and for tomorrow."
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