faucet and counter tops at Natural Built Home green showroom
Photo: courtesy Natural Built Home
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Natural Built Home

Owner Rachel Maloney of Minneapolis, Minnesota, conceived of the Natural Built Home store while sitting in traffic during her daily commute in 2005. "I knew that a showroom would need to quickly follow," she recalls, "as the materials and products were something that customers wanted to see, touch and feel before purchasing." Since Earth Day in 2006, that showroom has been "our chance to let customers see that building green is beautiful," she says. "Whether you have a traditional craftsman home or a modern loft, there are environmentally friendly products available that will fit your decor."

Her merchandise ranges from cork and natural linoleum flooring to low-VOC paints and safe household cleansers. Among products shown here are Eleek recycled-metal sinks and IceStone recycled glass countertops.
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