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Photo: DP SImmons III
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Environmental Home Store

"When I bought my house, I wanted to make it as green as possible," says Todd Ballantyne about his home, an 1876 one-room schoolhouse in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. "Back then the information wasn't readily available and getting products in was even more difficult." Out of necessity, Ballantyne embarked on his own crash course in eco-remodeling, teaching himself to distinguish between truly green and 'green-washed' products. In so doing, he identified a need in his own community—a need he decided to address.

The result was the Environmental Home Store, a part-time enterprise for Ballantyne located in the converted garage adjacent to his home. Its showroom, open by appointment, is stocked with planet-friendly products—zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, Earth Plaster, reclaimed wood cabinetry, and FSC-certified hardwood flooring, to name a few. The store features both residential and commercial applications, as well as providing contracting and interior design services.
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