redo dilemma
Illustration: Ryan Heshka
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half-done jobs

For us, imagining a finished project is much easier than actually doing the work. After four years, we have a drawer full of brushed-nickel bin pulls waiting to be put into place. Unfortunately, that drawer is a bit hard to open since it doesn't have a handle.

He says: "I remember visiting friends who had a little piece of trim missing in their bathroom, and wondering, 'Sheesh, how much work could it be to get that done?' Fast forward to the present—our own bathroom has had missing trim for over a year."

She says: "The ability of human beings to adapt to changes in their environment, especially the lack of outlet covers, is amazing."

Survival tip: Plan a big party to show off your finished space to give yourselves a deadline. Invite people who will gossip about you. If this doesn't motivate you to finish, you never will.
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