redo dilemma
Illustration: Ryan Heshka
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The floors in the kitchen had to be refinished before the baby was crawling, so the appliances had to be moved out. Then work was delayed when the guy we hired to do it couldn't start right away.

He says: "Having the fridge in the living room just means that it's closer to the TV. Great!"

She says: "Is it wrong that I'm happy the kitchen is out of commission? Phone calls for delivery are the best things that I make in the kitchen anyway."

Survival tip: Buy a used electric stove from the want ads and set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in the house. Alternatively, you'd be amazed at what you can do with a hot plate. Renovating in the summer? Embrace your grill. It's not just for burgers—we even found a grill-top wok at a local store. Stick to a limited amount of dishes and silverware to keep cleanup to a minimum.
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