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Illustration: Ryan Heshka
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The first time Aaron volunteered to crawl out onto the roof, I ran to get my old rock-climbing ropes and harness. By the time I got back, he'd already walked out onto the roof in his tennis shoes and trimmed the tree branches overhanging the gutters while leaning over the edge holding a Sawzall. Just in case he wondered how I felt about his feat of daring, I painted a graphic picture of what could have happened had he not been so lucky. And how my second husband would be much more cautious.

He says: "If accidents don't get you, guilt from your spouse will. Can you ever really justify not doing everything in your power to make your home safe for you and your family?"

She says: "I went out and increased the amount of life insurance we have on him. That got his attention."

Survival tip: Talk about how to manage the job site before any work ­actually begins. While working, protect your eyes, use a dust mask, handle power tools appropriately. Don't cut corners when it comes to proper setup and cleanup—and don't work when you are overly tired or stressed out. You can replace a drill, but it's hard to find an extra set of fingers at the hardware store.
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