Pigtail Food Flipper
Photo: Courtesy of K2 Development
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Pigtail Food Flipper

Touted by grill guru Steven Raichlen, the Pigtail Food Flipper takes the place of tongs, fork, and spatula. It can flip or carry anything from a pancake to an 8-pound rack of ribs. The sharp “pigtail” at the end of stainless steel shaft pierces the edge of the food, then flips and releases in one quick movement. The compact multitasker replaces a drawerful of tools, eliminating clutter around the grill. It also comes in different sizes, including a Baby Pigtail. Opt for the two piece gift box (shown here), and the Pigtail makes a downhome, yet elegant, gift for your favorite grill chef.

Approximately $30; Pigtail Food Flipper

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