two-story library with pedestal table and tall ceiling in former post office
Photograph: Michael Luppino
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Leisure Library

From the start, the project’s success depended on the new owner’s ability to establish a logical traffic pattern and inject warmth into the imposing commercial palace. She accomplished the job with fine wood details and a collection of antique lighting fixtures that leavened the overbearing effect of the building’s massive stone walls. “I had the place laid out in my mind 15 minutes after I walked in the door,” the doctor/design junkie recalls. “I knew where I’d put the kitchen, where the living room would go, and I knew I could run a library off the main staircase.”

A new catwalk transformed an open area near the original staircase into a two-story library. The decorative molding was found elsewhere in the building, stripped, repainted, and installed as trim; the pedestal table was salvaged from the lobby. The ceiling treatment hides unsightly old pipes.
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