dressing closet remodel
Photographs: Alan Shortall

Closet Design

For anyone who travels year-round, packing a bag in the wee hours is largely routine stuff. But for the spouse who's trying to sleep amid the bustle, it's surely one of life's little annoyances. Which is why one Kenilworth, Illinois, couple turned an unused bedroom off their master bath into a spacious closet when they moved into their 1928 Georgian a decade ago. The thinking was that this would allow the husband, who travels weekly, or the wife, who travels monthly, to comfortably lay out clothes without rousing the other.

Though the plan was a success, designwise the space wasn't living up to its potential. Laminate built-ins ringed the walls, the lighting was dim, and the shelves couldn't handle the couple’s growing garment piles. So they asked architect Charles Cook to rework it as part of a master-suite renovation.
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