isle seat and cook range in big budget kitchen
Photographs: Ted Morrison
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Custom Cabinets

Giardina underscored the kitchen’s informality with Plain & Fancy custom maple cabinets that have the look of built-in furniture with turned legs, recessed-panel doors, and three oven-dried finishes mixed to the owner’s specifications. While the hub of the kitchen is fairly compact and easy to navigate, its 10-foot-high ceilings give the impression of grandeur. Giardina took advantage of the wall space by stacking cabinets right up to the wide crown molding, adding a stretch of narrow cases with flip-up, glass-front doors across the top.

Tip: Can't swing custom cabinets? Create a one-of-a-kind effect with stock sizes by varying the height and depth of the cabinet boxes. And give an island a contrasting finish.
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