exterior of the Pennsylvania colonial-era farmstead Ravenroyd
Photographs: Jurgen Frank
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Repainted Shutters and Trim

The truth was that time had taken its toll on the old place, which had remained in the Parker family for more than 175 years, then passed through a series of owners, finally ending up in the early 1960s in the hands of a couple who loved and restored the local landmark. With the help of a restoration architect, that couple worked to stabilize the dilapidated farmhouse and its outbuildings.

But that was 40 years earlier, and the 21st century had sneaked up with a fresh to-do list of repairs and priorities for the new owners to tackle. The Scisciones bought Ravenroyd in May 2001. They spent much of the following spring repairing and repainting the exterior shutters and trim. “I can’t tell you how many people stop by to ask us what colors we’ve used,” says Cheri. Pratt and Lambert’s Mink was selected for the sash, Gloaming for the shutters.
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