Victorian-style ceiling fan with two rotating ventilators
Photo: Mark Weiss
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Sizing Up Your Ceiling Fan

For maximum effectiveness, choose a fan that's sized right for your room. Blade spans of less than 36 inches are for spaces smaller than 75 square feet, such as baths and breakfast nooks. Spans of 36 to 42 inches work in rooms up to 225 square feet, like a dining room. Larger living rooms and bedrooms can handle 50- to 54-inch blades. Whether or not you need a down rod depends on your ceiling’s height. For optimal performance, the fan should be 8 to 9 feet above the floor.

Get more bang for your fan with two rotating ventilators. This one, with Victorian embellishments, also turns on its central axis, pushing air to the far corners of a room.

About $820; Minka Group

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