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Photo: Caren Alpert
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5-Room Suite

By dividing the yard into distinct spaces, the owners of this Los Angeles property created separate outdoor areas for reading, eating, socializing, sunning, and gaming.

Shelter: Two pergolas topping a pair of porches off the back of the house create protected, denlike seating areas. The overhead structures also provide some much-needed shade in the late afternoon when the areas are awash in direct sunlight.

Landscaping: A vine-draped arbor draws visitors into an outdoor dining area, while a two-level terraced lawn separated by brick steps invites sunbathers to rest in lounge chairs on the lower tier while croquet players hold an impromptu match up above.

Lighting: Copper-topped lanterns match the house’s Craftsman style and visually tie indoors and out. Perched on brick piers positioned at the top of the steps, they also provide illumination so guests can safely negotiate the backyard at night.
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