After floor plan of expanded kitchen
Floor Plan: Ian Worpole
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Floor Plan After: What They Did

1. Demolished Interior Walls. Taking over the breakfast nook added 80 square feet of space to the kitchen. Removing a wall with a doorway gave back the laundry alcove.
2. Took Out a Chimney. Originally next to the laundry area, it was removed to make way for the second prep-and-cleanup zone. The contractor was able to remove the nonworking clay flue and seal it off at the bottom, since the apartĀ­ment occupies the building's top floor.
3. Rearranged Large Appliances. The fridge and wall ovens were placed on either side of the secondary sink. The new six-burner cooktop and dishwasher sit to the left of the main sink, which wasn't relocated.
4. Revised the Windows. To make up for the loss of a large window in the eating area (needed to make room for the range hood and more cabinets), the sink window was enlarged by a foot along the sides and at the top with the addition of a fanlight.
5. Added Prep and Storage Areas. The new kitchen is ringed with countertops for fixing meals and upper and lower cabinets to hold cookware.
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