loft bedroom with antique bed in studio apartment
Photo: D.P. Simmons III
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Lofty Ambitions

Interior designer Ronald Bricke once told me, as we toured a Frank Lloyd Wright home he'd renovated, that Wright believed bedrooms should be little more than caves. If that's true, Wright might have appreciated my loft bedroom, which rests on a freestanding L-shaped platform enclosed by, but not attached to, the surrounding shelf unit. A wraparound row of frosted Plexiglas transforms the top shelf into a bed-length credenza and affords privacy while still allowing in natural light. And the incorporation of antiques lifted from my parents' 1830s farmhouse—including remnants of an antique rope bed, as well as a chest of drawers and mirror from the bedroom suite my Great-Great-Grandmother Mohney "went to housekeeping with" in the 1880s—makes it feel like home.
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