stone veneer design and installation tips
Photo: Russell Kaye
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Design and Installation Tips

1 : Use stone that's indigenous to the local area whenever possible. It'll help your home blend in with its surroundings.

2 : Because it's got a slim profile, veneer can be applied with just thinset mortar right on top of traditional or stuccoed concrete and even wood sheathing, as long as a moisture barrier and galvanized metal lath are installed first.

3 : Avoid using pieces that are triangular or "dogleg" shaped, meaning they bend at a sharp angle. Such shapes are not usually found in nature and can make a wall look structurally unstable.

4 : As the mortar dries, compress and clean each joint, making sure not to leave tool marks and not to cut too far into the joints.

5 : If you opt for veneer that isn't thin-sawn, be sure to install a masonry ledge at the bottom of your wall and embed metal ties in the mortar about every square foot for proper support.
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