Sound-Absorbent Drywall

Some of the best products on display at the International Builders' Show are having their one and only moment of admiration—they're the building materials that do their work behind drywall, beneath floors, or between studs. Here are a few of the things we'd like to "see" in our own houses.

QuietRock is a drywall/fiber-cement sandwich with a sound-absorbing layer of visco-elastic polymer in the same place the peanut butter would be on a regular sandwich. You'd have to hang 8 layers of 5/8-inch drywall to get the equivalent sound-reducing performance of a single 5/8-inch thick panel of QuietRock 525. Quietrock is cut, installed, and finished the same as drywall, and can withstand fire as long as standard type X (fire-rated) drywall.

See Quiet Solution for pricing.

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