new front porch and a terraced garden
Photo: Judith Bromley
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Fetching Front Porch (After)

Project Particulars
1. Porch: An airy pergola runs almost the length of the facade, adding square footage and symmetry.
2. Entry: Shifting the opening towards the center and adding a wider door with sidelights make the front door more proportional and inviting.
3. Siding and windows: Varying the type, shade, and direction of the new taupe-colored cedar siding adds visual interest. The vertical boards on top also complement the muntins in the new, historically accurate windows.
4. Landscape and lighting: A stone wall framed by lush greenery creates a terraced front garden, and corrects what had been an awkwardly sloping lawn. Prairie-style lanterns brighten the front walk and portico.
Value Added: 25%
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