New Illustrated Guide to Gardening
(Reader's Digest)

Peeved your peegee hydrangea isn't blooming? Looking to grow Concord grapes? Want to plant a weeping willow? There are a lot of great gardening guides out there, but this one covers virtually all the bases: how to grow and care for your lawn, flower beds, trees and shrubs, and herbs and vegetables. First published in 1995, the best-selling guide was revised in 2000, turbocharged with color photographs, and expanded with new sections, including one on organic solutions for preventing and treating plant diseases and pest infestations. Whether you need to know how to prune an espaliered pear tree or winter over your dahlias, this book's got the answers.

Most surprising fact: Spraying a mixture of baking soda, water, and a few drops of dishwashing soap on your plants will prevent the spores of many fungi from germinating.
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