Haley's Hints
by Graham and Rosemary Haley (New American Library)

The 120 or so tips on stain removal alone would be worth the cost of admission, but that would be selling short the 1,800 other pearls collected here, on everything from fighting toilet condensation to shooing away deer. Sort of the married Norm and Tom of the household-hint world, the Haleys originally developed a cult following through their syndicated PBS television show. But it's in the hiakulike format of this bestseller that their homespun wisdom achieves its true, goofy flowering.

Top 3 hints from Haley's Hints:
1. If you store your hand tools in a damp basement, putting a few mothballs in the toolbox or tool drawers will absorb moisture and keep the tools from rusting.
2. To fix a wobbling wheelbarrow, bolt a pair of training wheels onto the axle.
3. Avoid messy runs on the side of your paint can by stretching a rubber band across the width of the can. That way every time you wipe your brush on the rubber band the excess will fall neatly back into the can.
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