century-old brass doorknob and red, yellow, and cream paint on Queen Anne door
Photo: Eric Piasecki
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Exterior Doorknob

A loan from a Collingswood program called Glad To Be Single Again, which promotes the reconversion of homes like ours that had been turned into duplexes, allowed us to hire people to replace the worn-out roof and paint the peeling exterior. Rob Miller of RJ Roofing put up simulated slate tiles. But even though we followed all the rules for checking out a contractor before hiring him, our painter was a disaster. He slapped patching compound on the original cedar siding and didn't bother to sand it. He painted while the siding was damp from rain, so the paint blistered. The final straw was when he used a sprayer, which left a fine yellow mist on the new windows and ruined much of the new roof. We fired him on the spot. We have yet to fully undo the damage.

This century-old brass doorknob still adorns one of the doors, which is painted red, yellow, and cream, like the rest of the exterior.
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