a floor plan of a small home office turned bathroom
Illustration: Ian Worpole
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The Floor Plan: What They Did

1. Added the tub alcove and windows. Expanding 3 feet onto the upper deck required creating an elevated stage and widening a soffit in the kitchen ceiling below to run plumbing. Lining the alcove with additional and bigger windows gave the homeowners a place to enjoy a leisurely soak with a view to the outdoors.
2. Compartmentalized the bath. Separate chambers to hold the shower and tub, with separate entrances, adds to the feeling of a luxurious, spalike space.
3. Reworked the dressing room. To make the bath seem larger, the existing dressing area was redesigned to open into the shower room, as well as the bedroom.
4. Streamlined the view. With the pocket doors open, the homeowners can see from one end of the dressing room straight through the window over the tub. The glass shower enclosure and over-the-sink mirrors also allow for vistas of the property.
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