Narrow towel warmer
Photo: David Prince

Towel Tower

Nothing takes the chill off your early-morning shower like a warm, fluffy towel. Or the cozy embrace of a heated robe. You used to have to be a guest at a five-star hotel to rate such indulgences. But these days, it's easy to recreate the spa experience in your own home, with an electric or hydronic towel warmer. From small shelf versions to floor-to-ceiling racks, they can be plumbed in or simply plugged in. And they do more than just toast your terry. They also help control mildew in damp environments, provide a supplemental heat source in cold climates, and are great for drying unmentionables. Now if you could just get room service to deliver breakfast, your morning would be perfect.

Why settle for a plain old hook in that narrow space next to the sink? This tall and skinny electric model has some built-in benefits: The more tightly folded a towel is, the more effectively a heater works. 10 1/4 by 43 1/2 by 12 1/2 in.; about $595;

By Natalie Rodriguez
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