Photo: Ian Worpole
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What They Did

1. Removed a wall to dig out under-porch crawl space and make it part of the new family room. A steel beam provides support in its place.

2. Dug out the existing floor except in the mechanicals area to achieve a 7-foot finished ceiling height.

3. Kept the original locations for the water heater and boiler, shutting them away behind doors.

4. Created a storage closet to hold extra household goods, from cases of wine to bulk-size paper towels.

5. Squeezed in a full bath measuring 5 by 5 feet.

6. Moved the laundry to the far end of the space, tucking the washer and dryer under a counter, adding a sink, and installing a space-saving ironing-board cabinet.

7. Built in cherry cabinetry by Wood-Mode to maximize storage for the TV, stereo, DVDs, CDs, and books.
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