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Floor Plan: Ian Worpole
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Floor Plan After: What They Did

1. Demolished the garage and added a curve to the footprint. The former garage was leveled and new exterior walls built. One corner of the previously boxy footprint was clipped to create a curved front wall.

2. Added curves inside, too. Walls with rounded edges enclose the shower and the toilet, enhancing the effect of the glittery glass mosaic tile that covers them.

3. Let in light while preserving privacy. Two-foot-square casement windows installed about 7 feet high along the top of the wall above the tub and shower brighten the room without providing a view to what's inside.

4. Fanned out fixutres. Maintaining empty space between the cleanup stations makes the room feel more spacious. The shower and toilet, in their own enclosures, are screened from the tub; mounting the double vanity on the facing wall enhanced the open feel. Radiant heating keeps the marble tile flooring barefoot-friendly.
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