Outdoor Furniture - Vixen Hill Cedar Products

If you were a fan of Legos as a kid, you'll love the ingenious modular designs of Vixen Hill's gazebos, garden houses, and porch systems. Using the company's Web-based design tool, you can spec the components—Victorian or Queen Anne styling, single-tiered roof or double, copper or cedar shingles, wood floor or none—and watch as your gazebo takes shape on screen in an instant. It may take you a little longer to assemble the pre-engineered kit, but you can count on your creation staying put for a while. "This is red cedar, so it's especially tight in grain and therefore resistant to rot, weather, and insects," says a company rep. "We get letters all the time from hurricane areas where the gazebo was the only thing left standing after a storm." Elverson, Pennsylvania; 800-423-2766; vixenhill.com
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