deck of Russ Morash's master bedroom in Nantucket
Photo: Jim Franco
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All Hands on Deck

From A Family Affair, July/August 2003

If you ever served me one of those cheesy questionnaires about my "favorite" this and that, I at least know what the "sound" is: waves crashing on the beach—doesn't matter if it's high noon or the moon is high. So when I first saw the images of TOH creator Russ Morash's house on Nantucket, I almost died. Stick me on a cliff overlooking Nantucket Sound (or Cape Cod Bay or Vineyard Bay or any other New England body of water) and I will melt. Seat me in a comfy chair on a broad sunny deck (this one's off the master bedroom suite) on a field overlooking Nantucket Sound, put a book on my lap and a gin and tonic in my hand, and set the August sun low on the horizon, and I will soon be asleep, dreaming of great things with a smile on my face.

—Alexandra Bandon, senior editor
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