fountain in garden
Photo: Webb Chappell
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Falling Water

From Backyard from Scratch, April 2006

There's nothing like the sound of water gurgling through a brook or cascading down a fountain—it's so soothing. Looking at this photo I can practically hear the water trickling down the stack of tumbled bluestone. The fountain is placed in the middle of a stream that runs along one side of a patio right outside the back of the house and leads to a koi pond. A beautiful, private area for sitting, reading, napping, de-stressing—what could be better? The owners told me that one of the unexpected benefits of having a water feature so near the house was how it brought nature closer to them. Birds and dragonflies come to take a dip or have a drink, and when they start hearing the frogs at night they know that spring has really sprung.

—Kathryn Keller, executive editor
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