dining room in rescued Italianate townhouse with window trim and parquet floor
Photo: Paul Whicheloe
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All the Formalities

From Row-House Rescue, November 2005

The first time I laid eyes on this photo, I literally gasped at its beauty. When I think "formal dining room," this is about as elegant and classic as it gets. The décor is edited down to only the essential, letting the lines of the ornate window moldings and the rich tones of the old parquet floor and apple-green walls set off the antique dining table and chairs and the vintage chandelier. Yet it's not stuffy or ostentatious: I can see an intimate dinner party here or a big formal holiday meal, and you could pull the table to one end and crank up the dance music if the mood strikes.

—Leslie Monthan, copy chief

This is my favorite eating space ever. The workwork is amazing. (Notice how the trim on the window frame, the mirror frame and the chairs match!) The homeowners' choice of pale green paint is understated with a nod to whimsical. Who wants an apple? I do.

—Michael Stolper, assistant to the editor
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