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Photo: Michael Luppino
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From 1 Kitchen 3 Ways, July/August 2006

I like the intimacy of this little kitchen banquette. It's the sort of thing I'd never think to do in my own house (until now, anyway), but in fact it makes clever use of limited space. You don't need clearance to walk around it, and you can hide storage underneath it. It works for casual family breakfasts, and two can snuggle in thigh-to-thigh, which makes it just the thing for romantic dinners.

—Laura Goldstein, executive editor

Whenever I go out with my friends to a diner, we always head straight for the booths. See, cushy seats have proven to result in longer, louder, and way more memorable outings. I can see lots of leisurely lunches and fun dinners taking place in an eating space like this.

—Natalie Rodriguez, editorial assistant
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