open-plan kitchen dining room in log cabin
Photo: Charles Harris
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Big Sky Country

From Old Logs, New Life, July/August 2003

OK, city dwellers, close your eyes. Think "country." Could you ever come up with anything more warm and rustic, more holidays-with-the-family than this North Carolina dining room? Baskets hanging from the beamed ceiling, heart-pine flooring, views of the living room's massive stone fireplace, and the kitchen's recycled-church-pew counters. Dream a little dream of upcountry living. Invite everyone for the long weekend, cook with abandon, eat with gusto, and then gloat because, if you were the owners of this home, you'd know that the rough material—the original 1850s cabin—cost you only $1,000 before you moved and renovated it. All the place wants is a bigger table so you can fit more folks for dinner.

—Betsy Andrews, online editor
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