Slatted staircase in eco-home
Photo: Deborah Whitlaw-Llewellyn
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Light and Airy

Beili hired a young builder named Rob Moody, who drove a truck powered by recycled vegetable oil. At every step in the construction, Moody and his crew strove to use materials and resources efficiently to reduce the home's impact on the environment. They installed a precast concrete foundation that eliminated extensive basement framing. They framed the top two levels with 24 inches between the studs, not the conventional 16 inches, to reduce lumber consumption.

An open-work staircase wall lets fresh air and natural light stream through. The stairs are built out of locally sourced white pine, using wood harvested from two small trees instead of one mature giant. They painstakingly cut all lumber in such a way that they could use every single piece.
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