When Things Go South, Unwind With A Little Yard Work

George Ferris and his wife Julia mail-ordered their Queen Anne mansion; it came in a kit from Tennessee architectural firm Barber and Klutz. Ferris, a copper mine millionaire and Wyoming political figure, was thrown from a carriage and killed before his house's completion in 1903. The place seemed cursed; a roofer fell to his death during construction, and the Ferris' young son died in 1904 there when a loaded gun he was playing with went off. All in all, four of the Ferris' seven children died in strange accidents. The folks who live in the house now have retired from the innkeeping business, but back when they ran the place as a B&B, ghosts often awakened their guests at night. And the spectre of a woman could be seen tending to nonexistent plants out front. Story has it that this was Julia Ferris, possibly assuaging her grief with some ghostly gardening.
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