Gaineswood, Haunted Greek Revival
Photo: Courtesy of Gaineswood
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Make Wise Use of Basement Storage

Doric columns announce this 1861 Greek Revival in Demopolis, Alabama. But it's not the imposing facade that lures ghosthunters to Gaineswood; it's what lurks underground. The National Historic Landmark is haunted by Evelyn Carter, by some accounts a household assistant and by others the sister-in-law of Nathan Bryan Whitfield, the mid-19th-century cotton magnate who built the place. Evelyn fell ill and died in the cold months. Whitfield laid Evelyn to provisional rest until the spring thaw, stowing her body beneath the cellar stairs. But Evelyn's spirit wouldn't lie still; it took to pitter-pattering, rustling skirts, and chirping ditties beneath the floorboards. They say visitors who tour the house's domed rooms can sense her presence today.
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