What They Did

1 | Raised the roof—and the ceiling. Adding a second floor to the ranch-style home allowed for a private, expanded master suite with a simple but luxurious 9-by-14-foot bath. To give the sizeable room an even larger look and feel, the ceiling was vaulted, reaching 14 feet at its peak.

2 | Opened up the walls with windows. Putting in nearly wall-to-wall windows facing the water, plus smaller units on adjacent walls, ensured maximum daylight and the broadest possible view. The architect also cantilevered the bathroom 2 1/2 feet beyond the rest of the house's west-facing wall to create the effect of being right on the water, as if in a boat.

3 | Oriented fixtures toward the view. The tub is nestled right up against windows that overlook the water. The glassed-in shower and mirrored vanity wall provide at least a sideways glimpse of the outdoors. Even the toilet, centered in an alcove between the shower stall and the side of a closet that opens onto a hall, faces the wall of windows.

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