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Apart Together

From The Carlisle House, This Old House magazine, May 2005

Since I do my bill-paying, emailing and other work from home while most people are tucked in bed, I'm constantly getting up for midnight snacks. That's why I love that this home office is located just to the side of the kitchen, allowing easy access to munchies while staying separate enough that you're not distracted by other nighttime nibblers. Plus, the room is so open and bright that I would be tempted to hang out there in the daytime and actually get something done.

Natalie Rodriguez, Editorial Assistant

I love that this space feels roomy (probably because there's nothing in there but a desk), and that it's open to the kitchen and the hall to the front entry, so it doesn't feel isolated but still feels enclosed. The unusual window configuration fills it with light and offers a view without putting you on display. There's unobtrusive built-in storage, from the low sliding-door cabinets topped with a wood shelf to the floor-to-ceiling units. And the two-person desk provides a large tabletop for spreading out paperwork. Since it was a TV project house and nobody was living there, it looks a little bare bones (wouldn't you at least need a wastebasket?). But I love the cool dot fabric on the chairs—it looks great with the mahogany desk top and really stands out against the all-white interior.

Kathryn Keller, Executive Editor

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