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Photo: Josh McHugh
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Perfectly Planned

From "The Timeless Home," This Old House magazine, March 2002

The best thing about this 10x10 office is its central location: off the main entry hall, between the north-south hallway to the kitchen and living room and the east-west hallway to the master bedroom. That makes it an ideal spot to dump the day's mail when coming home, or to get organized before running out to do errands. With an office like this, there's no excuse for clutter to end up in any other room.

One more thing: This is no walled-off fortress. An 8-foot-tall interior window on one wall and a glazed door with full-length sidelights on the other open the office up visually to the rest of the house, and to the light. The only connection to the outside is the triangular bay window that overlooks the courtyard patio and the trees beyond. It's there to provide a soul-reviving glimpse of the outdoors when you need a break from all the office work.

Thomas Baker, Building Technology Editor
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