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From "Garage Garret," This Old House magazine, December 2001

Perhaps because my current "home office" is a small desk squeezed into a corner of my apartment's living room—which is also my dining room, yoga room, sewing/art/music studio, and guest room—this former detached garage remodeled into an office below with art studio above makes my heart go pit-a-pat. The 350-square-foot upstairs studio has tons of light (mostly from the north, the best neutral light for painting), plenty of space for easel, worktable, canvases, and supplies, as well as a seating area for visitors or an inspirational nap. What's cool, too, is that the homeowners did most of the work themselves, used a lot of salvaged materials, and gave it a homely, barnlike feel. A great, relaxing workspace, with just an across-the-driveway commute. I'm so envious it hurts.

Leslie Monthan, Copy Chief
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