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Photo: Paul Bardagjy
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Into the Woods

From Desk Set, This Old House magazine, April 2006

It seems like you'd be the only person in the world in this high-ceilinged, wooded Portland retreat in the midst of a forest. This is a place to be alone. And quiet. The spare, open space with the clean pine desk and alder floors declutters the mind and gets it ready to create. You gaze out into the forest. And you wait.

Susan Ryan, Copy Editor

I love being able to look up from my work and out a window (particularly one that lets in a nice breeze), which is why I love the centerpiece of this home office: its beautiful, large casement window. Surrounded by rich red walls, warm wood and skinny built-in shelves that provide useful storage space without overpowering the room, it seems like the perfect spot to relax in while getting all your tasks done.

Natalie Rodriguez, Editorial Assistant

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